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Have you ever tried to distribute an application you have created using Kylix? Then probably you have run into trouble while trying to create packages for your application.
This project tries to package the required Kylix libs for the most popular Linux distributions so that you have to distribute only your application witout any care about the required Kylix libraries.
Kylix libraries are installed into /usr/lib/kylix3 (or similar for other versions) so that the package do not conflict with your current Kylix installation.

Important new glibc related note

The latest glibc version (on Debian Unstable and Fedora Core) contains a weird bug. I hope it is going to be fixed in the next glibc release. Kylix 3 applications report a rellocation error which happens to the fact that a ldconfing incorrectly resolves a symbolic link /usr/lib/kylix3/ to point to itself insead of the correct /usr/lib/kylix3/
Anyway, I have reported this as a bug No 222183 for Debian's libc6 package version 2.3.2.ds1-10 on
And I have seen the same problem reported on the by someone else. I am going to update packages to cope with broken glibc only if the next glibc version features the same bug.
Currently the solution would be executing the following command as root
# cp -d /usr/lib/kylix3/* /usr/lib/
I know that this is not a user friendly approach, but I do not see a point in creating packages that try to workaround the temporary problems in other packages.
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