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All the redistributable Kylix 3 OE libraries are packaged into 5 packages:
- kylixlibs3-borqt
- kylixlibs3-qt
- kylixlibs3-runtime
- kylixlibs3-unwind
- kylixlibs3-borstlcrtl


We have already started creating packages that are consistent with our plan, you can download these from 'Download' section.
We have packaged some of the Kylix 3 OE libraries into other packages. Some packages contain only libborqt libaries, some packages contain all the redistributable packages. You can download these packages from 'Older downloads' section.

Packages and what they contain

Package: kylixlibs3-qt-3.0
Contents: libqt + libqtintf
Provides: kylixlibs3qt
License: GPL
Package: kylixlibs3-borqt-3.0
Contents: libborqt
Provides: kylixlibs3qt
License: GPL
Package: kylixlibs3-runtime-3.0
Contents: bplrtl + bplvisualclx
Requires: kylixlibs3qt
License: GPL
Package: kylixlibs3-unwind-3.0
Contents: libborunwind
License: LGPL
Package: kylixlibs3-borstlcrtl-3.0
Contents: +
Licence: Redistributable

What's missing here?

We are looking for volunteers to describe the usage of libraries.
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