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RPM strips binaries by default

When building a RPM package executables and shared objects are stripped by default which changes the files and the md5 check sums might differ. It is still possible to redefine the default build procedure.
The RPM build scripts are located in /usr/lib/rpm. There is a file 'macros' which defines the macros that can be (are) used for building RPMs. You can redefine these macros in the file ~/.rpmmacros or in the .spec file itself.
Basically you just have to redefine macro %__os_install_post not to call the scripts that unstrip the binaries.

Sample ~/.rpmmacros

%__os_install_post    \
    /usr/lib/rpm/brp-compress \

Redefining macros in .spec file

You just have to add the following line (example for Mandrake 9.1) into your .spec file
%define __os_install_post /usr/share/spec-helper/spec-helper -s || :
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